1. Anyone notice that the music when the little girl speaks to Gran right before they go on holiday is the same music in “Alien” when the ship is first landing on the alien egg planet?

  2. Thought you might like a little more information on this particular show. Here’s what I found:
    ‘Little Girl Lost’ by Rosemary Timperley aired in 1975
    Haunted: Stories Of the Supernatural was a BBC radio series of stories that featured the arcane, creepy, and paranormal. Episodes include Little Girl Lost by Rosemary Timperley, The Late Departure by Glen Chandler, and Listen to the Silence.

    I know you have several other episodes on your site and thank you for sharing them!

  3. “The Late Departure” by Glenn Chandler is an exquisite entry in the 1980 BBC series “Haunted.” I’d love to learn the identity of the lead character. He’s superb at his craft. Perfectly paced with none of the overacting so often found in modern radio dramas (i.e., after 1960) as with too many episodes of the CBS Radio Mystery Theater. This show is heavily recommended. Script is engaging, well written, and never falters or fades. Voice acting is peerless. Plot is riveting, like a good book you cannot put down. Britain has produced some of the world’s greatest literature and finest actors. Genius is brilliance made to look easy and the British have the knack. I have listened to this episode many times, never tire of it, usually find something interesting I missed in previous listenings.

    PS. Relic does a marvelous job in presenting the radio dramas of the past. I’ve been hooked on Old Time Radio since early internet days. Not a day goes by that I don’t listen to them. The popular culture is so coarse and toxic that I thank goodness one can tune it out by immersing oneself in these gems of the past. Alas, I long for the old days. Relic Radio is the next best thing. Thank you!

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