1. This: “When I woke up, the rain hadn’t helped the alley much. It’s like washing your kid’s face and finding out he was ugly to start with.” (from the Pat Novak ep.) is the greatest line ever. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. so true Carrie T. Pat Novak has some of the coolest lingo.
    one of my favourites is when he compares a woman’s voice to “a furnace full of marshmallows”

    i should be posting this stuff in the forums…

  3. I love listening to Candy Matson. Please include her show as often as possible!

    Also, any chance of including Agatha Christie podcasts?

  4. I think there are only a few Candy Matson episodes we haven’t heard yet, but we will hear them all eventually.

    The only Agatha Christie episodes I’ve found are actually audiobooks. I will keep looking though.

  5. I love Pat Novak!! The writers were brilliant.

    Jim why not have more Shadow? I don’t know if I’ve seen ‘The Shadow’ in case closed.

  6. There seems to be some question as to whether or not Shadow episodes are under copyright or not. I’m staying away from them just to be safe. I know there are a couple of Shadow only podcasts on iTunes…I’ll let them deal with it.

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