1. I have just listened to this a third time. It is a powerful and penetrating story that requires listening and thought. This actor is quite dramatic and sometimes I think maybe a little too much so, but then perhaps he is right for this dialog. It would be nice to hear someone elses thoughts.

  2. The little bit of The Black Mass that I’ve played usually doesn’t go over that well. It’s a bit different from the stuff we’re used to, but I don’ think it’s different in a bad way. The series was produced by Erik Bauersfeld, who was the Director of Drama and Literature at KPFA (one of the stations that aired the show). His voice is very unique, and I think lends itself well to horror stories.

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    Don’t get me wrong, I really like this story. I have listened to it several times. I am familiar with the actor and his somewhat over dramatic way of delivering, but that my be nothing but my notion of it. I think he’s did one of the Poe stories. He is good, but I somtimes wonderf if he gets a headache during a performance. As for the story, I think it is wonderful. Requires another listen or two. It is quite picturesque. As for Black Mass, those stories, shows, whatever, are absolutely in my top category best. All Hallows remains perhaps at the very top, the would come The Oustider. Both are quite philosophical, as The Jolly Corner. I only wish there were more. Each time I listen, I get more from each story. I would like to read the scripts. I have the script to The Outsider. I have not found the script to All Hallows. I haven’t look for The Jolly Corner.

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