1. I’d like to know if there is someone that knows the answers to the folowing questions?

    I’ve never heard underlying (background) music from the Relic Radio montage, which you hear
    by itself before Hermit’s Cave dialogue starts “Ghost Stories…” (sounds like dunt, dunt, dunt, dunt…).
    Any idea what this is from?

    Out of the past, phantom to the world gone by seek again the immortal… Any idea what this is from?

    “Stories of the supernatural and the supernormal dramatizing the terrors of the unknown… turn off your radio now.”
    This dialogue is at least in part from lights out. I’ve never heard this particular voice or dialogue before. Any idea what this is from?

    I love it and I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure it out. Any information would be greatly appreciated.



  2. I found the music on a Halloween sounds type of site, which is no longer around it seems. The only title was “Haunted House Music – Great For Halloween”. Not much help! I’ll email you the complete song.

  3. i liked this episode of mystery theater. i liked mystery theater 30 years ago in the 1970s as a teen and i still like it now.

  4. Jim, any way you can email me the complete song as well? the entire opening is wonderfully scary in true Tales From The Crypt fashion it seems. No idea where it came from or how to get ahold of the entire music file. It really rocks and is awesome though!! My email is future_cpa1@yahoo.com

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