1. I have been listening to your show for almost 1 year now. I love it. It is by far my favorite. I have caught up on most posts, so that now I wait in anticipation for a new one every Wednesday and Saturday. It feels like Christmas. Thank You so much for this programming. With your introduction to the show, the stories just sound better. I’ve come across the Price of Fear on other old time radio shows. It is just not as fun without the intro music to put one in a frightening mood. Thank You.

  2. That’s exactly what I hoped the intro would do. I’m glad you enjoy the show as much as you do! It makes it worthwhile for me.

  3. I came accross this website purely by accident and rediscovered the power of radio shows again! Instead of switching cable channels in the evenings I just plug in the latest horror show (the Vincent Price ones are my favourites though!)

    The only regret I have is Itunes does keep a archive of your earlier shows as my library only goes back to Episode 142: Final Resting Place by Macabre. Any chance of getting the older episodes on some other website??!!

  4. The first twelve are available at ShopRelicRadio.com. The company that originally hosted the show went out of business in December of last year so all shows posted there are no longer available online.

  5. I was glad to hear more episodes of a series that has interested me for a few years….Quiet Please. I initially thought it was simply a drama show ( On the same level as CBS Workshop) that occasionally played horror and sci-fi stories. I now realize it was a series that played some pretty weird stories and with the first person narrative, made it all the more suspenseful and spine tingling. The ones I have encountered before have mostly been end of the world stories so these others are a welcome delight. Thanks for your podcast service in presenting these wonderful fantasies and I look forward to hearing more!

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