1. This is a fascinating story, and while this was written by Heinlein in the 1950’s, I couldn’t help but be stunned by the exacting parallels in Ellison’s “The Starlost”, a TV production from the novelization “Phoenix Without Ashes”. I also noted similar and also strong parallels to Space:1999 episode “Mission of the Darians”.

    I’m glad to finally hear the *original* story and to see it credited to none other than the master of science fiction.

    Thanks, relicradio – I have really enjoyed these radio plays on my iPod.


  2. Now I’m curious to watch those TV episodes you mentioned Joel! This is probably my favorite X Minus One, it does what science fiction does best tying philosophy in with great action.

  3. A wondferful thumbnail adaptation of Heinlein’s great novel “Orphans of the Sky”. Far,far superior to the brutal television adaptations seen in ‘The Starlost’ or ‘Space:1999’

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