1. Is the music at the begining of this episode of HAUNTED part of the original show? it sounds like John Williams music. Specifically like John Williams music for Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

  2. Yes, the music was part of the original show, and was also used on the Close Encounters soundtrack. Good ear!

  3. I hope you have more from this series. I really liked it and the sound quality was great. I wish more was known about it.

    • I believe I have one more that will be featered on Vintage Horror Radio eventually. I think there might be another episode of this show I’ve already used there. Search for it at vintagehorror.com if you’re interested. (I don’t remember it off hand)

  4. I just listened to “Christina” again. Did I detect a tiny little bit of Disney’s “wish upon a star” in the last few seconds of the music at the end? Who knows” Prehaps it just sounded like it. I wanted to hear one more story and I didn’t remember until it started, but it is such a sweet little ghost story, how can you not listen? The woman actor whose name I don’t knowk or didn’t catch, sure reminded me of Julie Andrews. Peace out. S

  5. Haunted was a short-lived BBC horror series producing a total of 14 shows. Christina’s air date was August 16, 1980.

  6. This was a great episode, loved it! I know there are always chances to find more shows, but thought you might be interested in looking for more episodes through a fellow website: FearYouCanHear.Com. They have many of these shows and might be willing to trade.

    Thank you again!

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