SF102: For The Crew Of Atlantis


This episode features a forum favorite, A Pail Of Air by X Minus One, and is dedicated to Garrett Reisman and his fellow crew members of the Atlantis.  They may even hear it in space!  It concludes with an excerpt from a speech by President Kennedy regarding space exploration and the mission to the moon.

Here’s how this came about.





  1. Thank you Jim and crew for this experience to share what could be a great moment in history, a story with serious possibilites into our future perhaps being heard in outer space. I was pretty young when the first space stuff happened. Excuse me if I don’t use more exciting language, but this, that really was what it was to “us”. I was sitting in a typing glass when the news came over the speaker that President kennedy had been shot. Recently an astronaut was sitting in front of me in my life. He was the brother of a doc who works at Atlanta Medical. I was able to see photos sent from “outer space” of the astronauts “playing around” in the shuttle. Sometimes you have to live a long time to be close to something that is spectacular to most. What is most spectacular in this particular story is that, 1) it really could happen though too many folks “couldn’t possibly believe that it could,’ AND 2) the wonderful reality that very likely the astronauts will not only heard this story but hopefully hear the speach by President Kennedy, especailly the last few sentences. May God bless them all, and may people on this earth pay attention to these stories. These things CAN happen.

    Thanks Jim.

  2. The link to how it came about doesn’t work. I’m very interested in this, and only just listened to this episode. How did you do that?? 🙂

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