1. This was excellent. I have listened to many storied hosted by E.G. Marshall, but I never heard this one. I don’t know how you do it, Jim, but have a wonderful ability to select stories

    • Thank you. It’s easy to pick great stories out of a pool of great stories! Glad you’ve been enjoying them.

  2. I listen to these gems in-between my school runs while on my school bus. This one was great as usual. I’m late in commenting as I have quite a few downloads to listen to on my iPod. It’s nice to sit back and close my eyes and have a theater of the mind play.

    This particular episode star caught my ear. The actor who played Manfred, his voice is so smooth and rich. He is Norman Rose who among other things was the voice of Juan Valdez (“only the ripest of beans”) and the announcer of NBC’s radio sci-fi show “Dimension X” (1950-1951)!

    At first I thought it was either Joseph Ruskin (StarTrek- Gamesters of Triskelion as the Master Thrall) OR Hugh Marlowe from “The Day the Earth Stood Still”!

    Keep up the great job and thank-you for keeping me entertained!


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