1. I turned this one off half way through. It was repetative, there was nothing supernatural/horror in it, and it wasn’t going anywhere. A rare bad one.

  2. Mark, I listened to this again given your remarks I just saw. There was a reason for the repetitive sequences. You should have listened to the entire story, because the hot spot was at the end. I agree it is not the best story, but it still has a pretty decent speculative end. Listen again and just move the dial to the halfway point. I heard it a long time back and thought it was a little dull, but I stuck it out till the end. That’s where the goodie lies. It’s like reading 100 Years of Solitude. The first 30 pages are boring and tedious, so much that the first time I tried I put it down. Then a year later when I had nothing to do, I picked it up at page 30 and finished what is a brilliant book.

    Let me know what you think once you listen to the rest of it. Sunny

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