RR168: CBSRMT and The Unexpected

We start off the show this week with a request for The Lost Dog by the CBS Radio Mystery Theater.  This one aired January 9, 1974.  Then it’s a quick episode of The Unexpected titled Horoscope, from June 13, 1948.

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  1. The flip side  June 16, 2010

    Yet another excellent story. It’s been over a year since I heard/watched this one. The sort of Alfred Hitchock ending is smooth and filled with impending possitiblies, and don’t most of us want Atillo to tear the idiiot creep husband into a million pieces? The only thing would be if sweet Atillo and the mistress would vacate the premises and never be found out for the deed. Yes, they should escape and when the body parts are found, those parts should be so rotted and unrecognizable that nothing is ever question. Don’t you think that sometimes revenge could be justified? And don’t you think the dog should go free?


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