1. I guess I should apologize for ommenting so frequently, but this story is, oh heck, for lack of better words, just absolutely fun and a scary possibility. It has been over a year since I heard this, this being my third time. Though I am female, I sure wouldn’t wnat to see a world where only women ran the score. There have been many different arenas for this thought. A reasonable balance is much better, but I suppose it will continue to be a battle ground for a long time. In the future I will require the a congenial balance between all to get through our upcoming future. It would be nice if others would comment.

  2. You’re free to comment as often as you’d like! If you’re interested, come join us on the Relic Radio Forum. There’s more of a back and forth over there. And to be honest, I’d love to see more discussion over there about the episodes I’m playing.


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