H246: The Yellow Wallpaper by Theater 10:30


This week we’ll hear from Theater 10:30 and an episode titled The Yellow Wallpaper. If that title sounds familiar there’s good reason, Suspense aired a version starring Agnes Moorehead that we heard last November.  Here’s a link to that one.

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  1. AMAZING! I was so excited back in Nov. to see there was a radio program of this wonderful short story… thank you!

  2. What happened at the end of The Yellow Wallpaper? It is bugging us.
    Did she hang herself?? Please settle the argument. I think she was stuck behind the wallpaper.

  3. Gail, I listened to this again and did some research on itt also. Charlotte Perkins Gilman, who wrote this story, based it off her own post-partum depression and continued “nervous problems”. It is actually a mark in history during the late 1800s when the attitude towards “nervous” problmes of women were considered ridculous, non-existant. Basically the physician husband confined her to a room with lurid wallpaper, forbid her to write or do anything outside base rest and domesticity, wouldn’t let her even see her child, and the end she focused on the wallpaper and put her mind into it until it drove hopelessly insane. As Jim said, she “thought” she was behind the wallpaper, and she was mad, insane. basically when her husband came home and saw the clawing, biting, crazy woman and the distruction in the room, he fainted from the shock. This is a very important story in history and has been studies and discussed for years,, with much scholarly writings to be researched. it is fascinating and important to us. I hope you will read more, and perhaps read the original story with much more detail. Following is the Google link where volumes of information on this can be found.


    Enjoy reading more about this wonderful story.

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