RR186: Suspense and Have Gun Will Travel


Chris asked to hear The Wreck Of The Old ’97 from Suspense this week, so we start with that episode from March 17, 1952.  Then it’s The Whereabouts Of Mr. Wadham from Incredible But True.  Have Gun Will Travel brings us The Hanging Cross from December 21, 1958 to close out today’s show.





  1. This is a wonderful old story. Thanks Chris for suggesting it. I grew up with my daddy singing that song to me and I learned it as well. Thanks Jim for playing it.

  2. Sunshine & Paladan on

    I know I commented on the ole 97, but having grown up watching Have Gun Will Travel, I have to say this is the most wonderful story I have heard for that ole diehard Paladan. By the way, in talking with a friend tonight about listening to this story, I was told that her partner lived in LA for some years and got into a conversation in a bar with “Paladin”, who at that time was 60+ years old and in a different business than TV. Of course this isn’t the one in the OTR, but the TV one. Stefan states that the actor was very down to earth and delightfully friendly. That news just made the story even better. I mostly remember the character as a pretty hard-nosed law abidng, somewhat, citizen. Hope you all enjoyed this one. Thanks jim.

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