H268a: House With A Past by The Hermits Cave


The original file, TheHorror268 had a corrupted version of the episode.  Make sure you download file TheHorror268a (offered here now) for the repaired version.

Matthew asked to hear an episode from The Hermit’s Cave, one we haven’t heard for a long time here on The Horror, titled House With A Past.  I don’t have an air date for this episode, but it’s safe to say it was heard sometime in the 1940’s.

To hear your favorite, send it to relicradio@gmail.com, and please put “Horror Favorite” in the subject line.





  1. This is an excellent story, but it seems odd to me that somehow it may be two stories spliced. The beginning seems to belong to another story, where the young woman crawled into a trunk in the attic and poisoned herself. The rest of it seems to be a completely separate story. The beginning does not fit with end end. I know both stories. What goes here?

  2. It seems two stories were spliced together somehow. Both sounded interesting, but I couldn’t follow either one since neither was an entire story.

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