OW116: Earl On Troubled Waters by Lives Of Harry Lime


The Lives Of Harry Lime aired between August of 1951, and July 1952 offering up a prequel of sorts to the Third Man movie.  At least for the Harry Lime character.  This episode first aired February 8, 1952 and it’s titled Earl On Troubled Waters.




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  1. That Anton Karas zither and Orson’s voice make Harry Lime a solid anchor to The Third Man classic. The music conjures that languorous final shot, the cemetery, those last leaves falling (I can smell them), the long shot of Anna walking up and out of Martins’ life. I love that one moment in time, and always wish I could have been at the filming. I think the Lives of Harry Lime was so successful because it served as a prequel to the film, putting the movie and that scene into the future again. Still sends chills down my spine.

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