RRT142: Strangers On A Train by Lux Radio Theater


For over 20 years, the Lux Radio Theater presented radio adaptations of films, including the Hitchcock classic Strangers On A Train.  The film was released in June of 1951, and the program we’ll hear today on December 3 of the same year.





  1. Hi,
    thanks for the dl. Love Frank Lovejoy.
    Teaching a class on GREAT VOICES OF RADIO. 5 Three hour sessions n January (Columbia College, Chicago) Want the students to do some listening.
    Will probably give them this site to go to.
    BTW, If you know what episode of the LONE RANGER that had the voice of James Lipton as Dan Reid, I would appreciate knowing that. Kids may be able to relate his ARTISTS SHOWCASE program and the L R episode that featured him. Good backstory to relate.
    Thanks again

    • I’m not sure about which episode(s) of The Lone Ranger featured Lipton. His wikipedia page says he played the character, but doesn’t say for how long.

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