H277: Those Who Walk In Darkness by Mystery Playhouse


The Mystery Playhouse was produced by the Armed Forces Radio Service and featured rebroadcasts of shows from other series.  This episode, hosted by Peter Lorre and featuring Boris Karloff, is titled Those Who Walk In Darkness.  I don’t know what series it originates from but I think you’ll enjoy it anyway.





  1. Excellent! How wonderful for New Year’s Day 2011, truly a horror story. May the rest of the year offer such delightful and frightening, thought provoking stories. Thanks so much, Jim, for all your hard work.

    Happy New Year, may it be prosperous and healthy and may Relic Radio soar to heights unknown!

    • I was just playing around on the forum. New Year’s isn’t my favorite holiday of the year…but I do hope everyone will have a good new year!

  2. Great show! This episode of the Mystery Playhouse “series” originally aired on Boris Karloff’s radio show Creeps by Night, on Apr. 11, 1944. I’m a long-time fan of Peter Lorre’s, and I compiled a list of his radio credits — as well as TV, film and stage — for the appendix of his authorized biography, The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre, by Stephen Youngkin. What other radio shows do you have?

    • When you say other radio shows I’m assuming you mean those that feature Peter Lorre? Just put his name in the search box and it will bring up shows he’s been in.

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