1. It`s so funny but my dad got me into old time radio shows. My ex thinks I’m nuts but everytime I turn on Relic Radio its like being back home; 10 years old and camping out with dad in the living room. ☆

  2. I think that the person who got so angry over racial stereotyping should find another hobby. Old-time radio is not for you.

  3. I saw the email tonight so had to look up the “Walking Dead’ and review it. I understand Jim that you want to keep the peace with listeners, but “WD” is not plagued by racial stereotyping. It is simply a story from 1944 about ancient customs of Haitians in the Secret Societies. Had your listener been educated in that history, he/she would not have managed to, you know, individual panties in a wad. I have studied this history and the customs for years and it is a fascinating one, indeed. It isn’t, by any means, a negative story. It wasn’t quite right according to history, but rather good for someone writing in the 40x. I would recommend for this person so upset by the story to read “Tell My Horse: Voodoo and Life in Haiti and Jamaica”, by Zora Neale Hurston It is an excellent book she wrote in the 30s. She was a forerunner in her study of voodoo in New Orleans and Haiti, and she was well educated to do so. This book was recommended to me by a doctor/researcher at the CDC, who spends half the year in Haiti taking blood samples and working with disease. He has become friends with a number of voodoo priests and priestesses, as well as a collector of the art of the Secret Societies. There is also an excellent gallery in NYC, Harlem, that houses a wonderful collection oof the Haitian voodoo flags, flags that give perspective to their combination of voodoo and Christianity. There are many excellent, non-fiction books on the subject.

    Point being, to the person who got all up in arms over racial stereotyping, my suggestion is to go and study the history. It is ignorance, after all, that really stands between people, nations and all understanding.

    The replacement story is ok, but I do sometimes get tired of the overly hysterical women and the all too calm men in the stories from that period. Talk about stereotypes! If you want to get into stereotypes, that’s a good subject.

  4. Thank you “dead walking” for being a voice of reason. I regret pulling the episode, and had I given myself more time to think about it I probably would have left it up. If anybody didn’t get it the first time around you can get it here: TheHorror287

    The person who complained said it was ” in poor taste, and socially irresponsible” to podcast that particular episode, and then went on to declare that after listening for three years they won’t any longer (as if that mattered). I don’t get that kind of email very often, and figured it wasn’t worth the trouble.

    If this comes up again, I won’t be so quick to pull the show.

  5. Brittney: I’m glad the shows bring you good memories!

    Richard: I think people just need to remember when the shows were produced and suspend the knee-jerk indignation a bit. Same with old movies I suppose. Or, like you say, not listen or watch.

  6. Thank you Jim for providing the link. I listened again tonight and the sound quality was 100% better than what I found last night. I think this is a pretty good story for the time.

  7. someone got mad over that podcast? … really? … it was produced in 1944. That’s like getting mad at the history channel, TCM, or a history book! lol. Some people… PC gets annoying sometimes.

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