H297: Poltergeist by Lights Out

On this episode of The Horror we’ll hear again from Lights Out.  Suggested by Mark from the forum, here’s Poltergeist.  This story first aired December 16, 1936 then again on October 20, 1942.  This version is from the 1942 airing.  Thanks Mark!

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  1. Sunny  March 12, 2011

    Jim, I heard this within the last 6 weeks. I thought it was on Relic Radio, but I could have picked it up somewhere else. I wonder if it could have had another name, but then i don’t think so. Nevertheless, I am glad you put it up. It is a very good horror story, well done and very quickly in such a short epidsode. I also say lots of fun, a simple superstition played out in this manner. I was always told not to walk on a grave, but I never heard that I would die. Of course as a teenager we sat on a few graves just to balk the saying. Maude Goone and William Yeats were in the occult and were said to have made love on top a grave once. Graveyards are quite a fascination. Thanks Mark for the suggestion. Do play it again sometimes, Jim.

  2. Matt  May 30, 2012

    Love this one. Thanks for sharing it.


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