• Thanks for prompt reply but I had downloaded it and was listening on my laptop. All was going well until a bit over half the broadcast and it stopped. Reason I found RelicRadio was I download AM900 CHML out of Hamilton, Ontario, which broadcasts OTR from 10:00PM on Sunday (Jack Benny Show) and 11:00PM other nights to the following 2:00AM. The skip to where I live in upstate New York, baring weather or atmospheric interference, is pretty fair and with some static can even hear it in my car.
        Last night I was listening to the “Death Flies Blind” on my car radio but got home before the ending and hoped to find it on “Suspense” at OTR on-line but it’s not listed in their somewhat sizable library. Therefore I searched the web and found that you had it; however again, I missed the exciting conclusion.
        Really no big deal but I wondered if you were aware of this problem from other fans. Thanks again,
        Pete Smith
        Germantown, NY.

  1. Brittney Floyd on

    Over time, vintage radio has faded into the background due to the invention of the television. At first, televisions were a limitless source of information. They were a quick and convenient way of delivering news and entertainment to thousands of people throughout the country. People would gather together and be completely fascinated by the moving black and white pictures that illuminated their living rooms. They no longer had to sit and stare at a timeworn miniature box and listen to the faceless voice’s emitting from it. But, I wonder if perhaps we may have made a mistake in the creation of television. Did we lose something valuable that can never be reclaimed?
    Television, now days, is a prominent part of our lives; celebrated through movie theaters, even going to the extreme of having our living spaces decorated in high quality, expensive screens and sound systems. I, myself, enjoy the diversion television offers, to a certain extent. However, as an individual, I do not feel the satisfaction of the reformation within my mind when a landscape or the profile of a person is supplied for me. Rather, I much prefer the intimate seclusion of a darkened room while I listen to a suspenseful barren voice describing a scene.
    Too few people understand the importance of vintage radio. For instance; the radio broadcast, Mercury Theater; War of the Worlds, narrated by George Orson Welles, in 1938, impacted it’s listeners like no other radio show. Many people reported a wide spread panic as the show broadcasted. Some truly believed a plague of Martians arrived from space to attack the world. This was the first vintage radio drama that my father introduced me to as a child. Unlike any film, it frightened me. I sat there and listened to extraterrestrial screeches from unseen invaders. It was the most enjoyable dread I ever felt.
    People need to understand, had it not been for drama radio, the many movies they enjoy watching; such as War of the Worlds, Frankenstein, The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, They Live, A Prairie Home Companion, and many others would not exist. So, I thank you for allowing us to enjoy all the shows relic radio has to offer, Brittney Floyd

    I previously posted this in mail. I ment for it to be posted here. 😛

    • really no reply yet lol its cool the ober was actually an essay i did for english i thought i would post it on here try to sound cool but it didnt work i guess lol :) i think it still looks pretty cool :)

      • Thanks for sharing that Brittney. What can I say, other than I agree completely! I do admit, as much as I dislike it I’m still drawn to that darn TV pretty often…

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