H308: Revolt Of The Worms by Lights Out


Katrina wrote in and wanted to hear this story from Lights OutRevolt Of The Worms first aired October 13, 1942.  Thanks Katrina!

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  1. Like its’ inbred second cousin “The Chicken Heart” Revolt of the Worms caused youngsters of the Forties to wet their beds, suck their thumbs and other expressions of infancy as they listen to Arch Obler’s Lights Out. It shows the type of radio drama that is best heard in the dark with the covers pulled over your head. If it were shown on television or on the screen, it would resemble the type of 1950’s sci-fi pap turned out by low budget producer Roger Corman. It leaves memories in the minds of young boys who used to look for nightcrawlers in the backyard after dark to use for fishing bait.

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