ST70: The Long, Long Sleep by CBS Radio Mystery Theater

This weeks strange tale features a request for The Long, Long Sleep by the CBS Radio Mystery Theater.  Next week it’s another ride with The Mysterious Traveler.

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  1. Sleepy  May 8, 2011

    This provided an interesting story about one person’s concept of passage to death.. For anyone who enjoyed this I would recommend Connie Willis’ “Passage” as a book o read. She just takes to this a different level experimenting with a doctor the passage in near death. I t would a number of awards. Some critics siad the end was basically anti climatic, but I didn’t find it that way. Rather I saw it take the concept of passage to it just end IN the mind of this woman. There is also a great offering of comparisons from literature and the sinking of the titanic. Again, just another person’ concept of the passage. It is intersting to compare the book with this story. I hope you willl consider it and perhpas read this book. As always, thank you Jim for this offering.


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