H331: Mr. Randalls Discovery by The Hermits Cave


We’ll hear an episode from The Hermit’s Cave this week via a series for Armed Forces Radio titled Mystery Playhouse.  That series took shows like Hermit’s Cave, Inner Sanctum, Molle Mystery Theater, and others, and presented them to the troops under that banner.  The episode is titled Mr. Randall’s Discovery.  This one sounds pretty rough, so if you’re a stickler for sound quality skip it.


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  1. I checked Jerry Haendinges’ vintage radio logs and found thirty episodes of the Hermit’s Cave. He showed that there were four episodes missing. I did not find Mr. Randall’s Discovery listed among the programs, and that was the original title. I would guess that the original airdate for this would be about 1944, during the West Coast series. Mystery Playhouse was aired in the post WWII years for the “servicemen and women of the United Nations.” The United Nations was formed in 1945. The sound quality of this episode is not all that bad, just a few scratches at the very beginning. There is no volume dropout as with many programs recorded in the monoaural age.

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