RR224: The Whistler and Sealtest Variety Theater


The Whistler begins our hour of radio this week with The Alibi, which first aired October 25, 1942.  Next up is Believe It Or Not with Hidden Treasure.  The Sealtest Variety Theater closes this show with a halloween party thrown by Boris Karloff which aired October 28, 1948 (begins at 30:55).


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  1. I have been enjoying the Whistler on various OTR posts, when I came across yours. When I heard it some fifty years ago, it was on Sunday nights about 8:30 p.m. Although it was a CBS mainstay through the years, it was heard on different nights. Even John Dunning’s Encyclopedia of Radio could not pin down the exact night and times through the years. The one I am hearing now “The Alibi” was heard on Sunday nights.

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