Suspense Replay


For over twenty years Suspense captivated its audience with tales of intrigue, horror, adventure, science fiction, mystery and, of course, suspense!

Suspense Replay is now a part of Tuesday’s Relic Radio Show!  Find it here.

Older episodes are no longer available.  The service that had provided the hosting of those files changed with no notice – which effectively shut this podcast down (as it was).



  1. I am not sure if it was Suspense series that had this episode but it was called “Sorry, Wrong Number” and it starred Agnes Moorehead. Wonderful episode and very disturbing as well! She was a great actress anyway, especially in the Bogart movie Dark Passage.

    An interesting side note: in Dark Passage her name was Mage Raff. In the early 90’s cult movie “A Gun, A Car, A Blonde”, the sleazy slimy sister with black hair was named Mage as a tribute to that movie.

  2. Sorry, Wrong Number was originally a Suspense show and aired on May 25, 1943 and starred Agnes Moorehead. It was re-aired a good number of times. It was also on Lux Radio Theatre in 1950 starring Barbara Stanwyck. This was a radio adaptation of the movie by the same name, also starring her, that was released in the late 40s.

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