Today we’ll hear two from The Black Mass, a series suggested by Troy, and one we’ve not heard from in quite a while.  First is their adaptation of the Ambrose Bierce story The Boarded Window which aired February 12, 1964.  That will be followed by The Haunted House, taken from a story written by Virginia Woolf.


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  1. Both interesting and haunting. Don’t remember if I heard the first one before, but this is my second listen to the Virginia Wolf. This time I heard it differently. i reminds me a lot of the film “The Others”. Definitely an excellent paring of stories.

  2. I seem to be the only one commenting, but I just listened again. The 2nd by Virginia is similar to another story by her about a haunted house. that one made the apples drying in the attic the focal point. Again, this one reminds me of the film, “The Others” even more so, especially with the use of the word “say”. That was constantly used in “The Others”. It is very sadly haunting.

  3. I really enjoyed these two stories . ”The Black Mass” is my favourite of them all. I am a student of spirituality and related teachings. The Haunted House,- by Virginia Wolf is very beautiful indeed……..loved it!!!. The Era of Her time was hard and full of suffering,-…but it is only through countless eons of this suffering that will create an artist, a Poet, or a Buddha of Compassion , one must suffer in order to understand compassion.

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