Changes to Gildy, LoL, and Suspense



The Legacy Of Laughs and Great Gildersleeve Replay feeds have been switched over.  New shows are listed now, but all the old shows are gone.  Sorry, there was no way around it.

I discovered late last night that the Relic Radio account on Mevio has been suspended.  It appears they’re being more selective with the shows they host – asking people to apply for the privilege.  I’ve decided to go a different route.

What Does This Mean?

As I type this, older episodes from The Great Gildersleeve Replay, and Legacy Of Laughs, are still available via the feed.  Suspense Replay has been deleted.

If there are any episodes you haven’t heard GRAB THEM NOW!

I will be deleting all Relic Radio shows from Mevio by February 1 (unless Mevio pulls the feeds first).  Those old episodes will be deleted in the process, and won’t be available any longer.  Those shows will be continued from wherever they left off as soon as I can get things configured.

The feeds for Gildy and Legacy Of Laughs will remain the same.  If you are subscribed through iTunes, etc. you’ll continue to get the newest shows (as soon as I set it up).  Nothing is required on your part.

Suspense Replay may be merged with the Relic Radio Show.  I’m still thinking about that…

Sorry for the lack of notice about all this.  I was not notified about the shutdown prior to its happening.

We’ll get things fixed – stay tuned!



  1. It was a free service so I hate to complain too much, but the lack of notification prior to shutting things down is a pretty crappy thing to do. Otherwise, it forced me to do something I’ve wanted to do for awhile – move off that site!

  2. I missed a few episodes of Suspense at the end of 2011 and now I’m really sorry I didn’t download before they disappeared! Any chance of requesting a certain few be re-listed?

    Sounds like the change-over has been a huge pain in the neck for you. Thank you for continuing to offer these fantastic free podcasts. My vote would definitely be for keeping Suspense as its own separate stream.

  3. Love your podcasts – I subscribe to them all. I just recently realized that there was this entire world of entertainment that existed before I was born that almost every American listened to. It’s such a wonderful insight to America’s past. I particularly like The Whistler and Suspense which I’ve heard on probably my favorite podcast, Relic Radio Thrillers. Are there, or will there be any podcasts of either of those? The brief descriptive intros make the shows that much more interesting. I really like the horror genre as well. Keep up the good work!
    A big fan, Pete

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