1. Ok, I can’t blame anyone. I listened, knowing, at least half remembering this horrid tale. It is more horrible than I remember. It’s been a while since I heard it. Maybe you, Jim, posted it first a good while back. No complaints!!!! (sp?)

    One thing, Jim, do you know who that actor is? I still think he’s a bit over the top in his drama. I would have to wonder if he suffered from sore throat after a performance.

    Keep smiling . . . .

    • The producer and narrator of the Black Mass, and lead actor in this one, was Erik Bauersfeld. The San Francisco Chronicle just did an interview with him that garnered a meaningful amount of national attention, due to the fact that he did the voice for Admiral Akbar, the fish-headed commander of Rebel forces in Return of the Jedi. He’s now 90 years old, and the bit in the interview that seems to have generated the most attention is the fact that, despite voicing a now iconic Star Wars character, he’s never seen any of the Star Wars movies.

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