Into The West!


**Update**  It’s Alive!  And available via iTunes!

The first episode has been posted.  If you’d like to manually put this podcast into your podcast aggregator use this feed: 

Find it on iTunes by searching for “Into The West” in the podcast section, or via this link:

There’s a new show headed to Relic Radio!  Filling the western sized hole in the line up will be Into The West.  And, in the usual Relic Radio fashion, it will feature as much western flavored radio drama as I can rope up.

I’m still getting things organized, but I did finish the artwork for it today.  Here’s a preview:

Into The West

I hope you’ll enjoy the new show!  More info to come soon.




  1. Jim, I have to say that I was surprised that there never was any western shows on the site. I guess that I figured you just did not care to include them. Now I see that you will be including them and am very happy to see that.

    By the way, the art work is superb, to say the least. I look forward to hearing these new presentations. Bob

    • RelicRadio on

      Thanks, Bob. It was more of a time issue than not wanting to include them. I’m hoping I’ll be able to work it in to the weekly workload alright.

  2. Jessica Mazing on

    Hi there! I’ve been a long time listener and fan. This is my first comment on your site. Thank you for taking the time to add some westerns to your repertoire! I enjoy all of your shows, but there’s a special place in my heart for westerns.

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