ST153: What Happens When You Die by The Key


Our strange tale comes from The Key this week.  We’ll hear What Happens When You Die?, which aired sometime in 1956.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I really enjoyed this episode of ‘The Key:What Happens When You Die?’ Although the plotline was simple (of course,many of these OTR shows are) I very much enjoyed the atmosphere that this episode contained. In my humble opinion,it had that ‘Hitchcock’ & ‘EC Comics’ feel to it. This is the first time that I hear something from ‘The Key’…and it was 1/2 hour delight. *** ‘Strange Tales’ always brings me new learning experiences in OTR. Thank You so much for playing such material.***

    “Every door has a key, there is a key to every
    situation, behind every unopened door there
    is a mystery, and the opening of this door
    introduces us to another in the series:
    they Key.”

    See you next week!

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