Every now and again I get an inquiry about radio adaptations of stories by H.P. Lovecraft.  I had in the past made them available for download in a small collection, but it seems during one of the many redesigns the file was ‘lost’.

Here, once again, is the collection of four Lovecraft stories adapted for radio.  The Dunwich Horror, The Outsider, Rats In The Walls, and Beyond The Wall Of Sleep.

Download Collection




  1. Thank you very much. I’ve been into Lovecraft since I was a kid (a looooooong time ago) and I look forward to listening to these stories. Thanks for making them available.

  2. Found this archive while browsing for “The thing on the fourble board” (Quiet, Please!). Thank you – these four radioplays are highly appreciated by the many Lovecraft fans out there.

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