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There’s a new official Relic Radio page on Facebook.  Here’s the link:

It seems after an IP address change here at Relic Radio HQ, Facebook decided it needed to double check that I am, in fact, me.  Being proactive with my online security/privacy, the last thing I’m going to do is give Facebook any true personal information.  The problem is they use your birthday to verify your account at times, and since I didn’t give the real date, and failed to write the date I gave down somewhere, I couldn’t get back into my account.  Thus, the new one.

Sorry for the inconvenience!  Hope you’ll join me over there.


An early west-coast offshoot of The Hermit’s Cave, The Devil’s Scrapbook aired from November 1938, to July 1939.  We’ll hear what appears to be the only surviving episode of the series, The Conquest Of David Rugg, which aired November 28, 1938.

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Opening music: Constancy Part 2 by Kevin MacLeod (

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