Mobile Friendly Audio Player Coming

1 will be switching to a new, phone and tablet friendly audio player soon.

The site was changed some time ago to work better on mobile devices, but the existing audio player doesn’t work on phones or tablets.  If you’ve visited the site on one of those devices, you’ve undoubtedly seen the grayed out box on each post that states, “Adobe Flash Player is required to play this audio…”.  That will be addressed soon with a new player, one that’s actually built into the software running the site, that will be implemented on the posts for new episodes.


That’s the good news.  Here’s the “but”.

Because of the way that player is added to each episodes post, the old player has to be uninstalled.  That means only posts that are manually edited to include the new player will have a player at all.  With over 2,000 posts on the site, manually editing each one is not an option.  That’s why this change hasn’t been made sooner.

Podcast episodes without the new player can still be listened to a couple of different ways (aside from downloading them).  If you use Chrome or Firefox, or if you’re using a mobile device, clicking on the “Download xxxx”  link on a post will play it in the browser.  You can also visit the Listening Room and use the player there.

I hope the change doesn’t cause to much consternation.  And, just to be clear, it will have no effect on the podcasts themselves as far as iTunes and the like goes.  At least we can say goodbye to those damn little gray boxes!



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