Legacy Of Laughs and Radio At War Ending


The final episode of Legacy Of Laughs will be posted August 27, 2015.  All episodes of the podcast, and its feed, will be deleted from the site September 5, 2015.  Download what you’d like now!

Radio At War has come to an end as well.  All episodes from this podcast, and its feed, will be removed September 1, 2015.

The shows you’re used to hearing on these two podcasts will be added to the mix of The Relic Radio Show.

Apologies, and thanks, to those who’ve enjoyed these podcasts over the last eight years!



  1. Deeply saddened to se radio at war go away. I truly love thst series and being a shut-in, disabled vet, looked forwsrd to each weekly broadcast. What a gem it was. Like many other shows, the history lessons teach all of us, no matter our age, for those who take the time and effort to listen and learn.

  2. Sad to see these go, I truly loved them. The things they said in these podcasts are still relevant today (which is kind of sad really). Glad that they’re not completely gone (being integrated into Relic Radio), but I’ll still miss them. I’m sure I’ve lost many a pound laughing at Legacy of Laughs and Radio At War certainly made WWII tangible. I think that’s what I loved so much, instead of just being an event in a book, Radio At War made WWII real, it’s not just black & white pictures, it’s actual attitudes of the time.

    Thank you for all you’ve done for the past 8 years, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed these podcasts and look forward to the future with the other podcasts, I love to listen to them while I’m at work (I’m on a computer all day) or at home crocheting. Been a loyal follower (and even a donor!) since almost the beginning. Here’s to the future!

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