We’ll hear an episode from The Hermit’s Cave this week via a series for Armed Forces Radio titled Mystery Playhouse.  That series took shows like Hermit’s Cave, Inner Sanctum, Molle Mystery Theater, and others, and presented them to the troops under that banner.  The episode is titled Mr. Randall’s Discovery.  This one sounds pretty rough, so if you’re a stickler for sound quality skip it.

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Three stories from Lights Out are featured on today’s show.  First off, as requested by Jenny, we’ll hear Chicken Heart.  This version comes from a 1960’s record – not the original broadcast.  Also from that record, we’ll hear The Dark. Those episodes had originally aired in the 1930’s, and there doesn’t seem to be any recordings of the original shows.  Our third episode features Boris Karloff, and it’s titled The Dream.

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