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Have Gun, Will Travel is up first on this week’s Relic Radio Show.  We’ll hear the February 8, 1959, broadcast, Killer’s Widow.  Obsession follows with their story titled, A Question Of Personality.  That episode originally aired December 11, 1950.

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The Columbia Workshop is up first on this week’s Relic Radio Show.  From it, we’ll hear Midnight Blue, a story that originally aired May 24, 1942.  After that, it’s A Matter Of Ethics on Have Gun, Will Travel.  That episode was first heard February 1, 1959.

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The Relic Radio Show opens with Have Gun, Will Travel this week.  From it, we’ll hear The Teacher, an episode from January 25, 1959.  Then, it’s The Adventure Of The Candy Killing from The Adventures Of Frank Race.  That story first aired October 15, 1949.

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This week on the Relic Radio Show, we begin with Have Gun, Will Travel and their story, The Englishman.  That one first aired January 11, 1959.  Then, The Damon Runyon Theatre brings us Earthquake, their story from April 10, 1949.

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