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It’s more from Lights Out this time around, and an episode that came up briefly on the forum titled Profits Unlimited.  This one first aired July 20, 1943.

Have a favorite or suggestion for an episode?  Send it along to [email protected] with the subject line “Horror Favorite” and I’ll play it if I can.

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We’ve got more from Lights Out on the show today.  From June 22, 1943 we’ll hear Nature Study.

Don’t forget, if you have a ‘horror favorite’ or a suggestion for the show, the email address is [email protected]

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Three stories from Lights Out are featured on today’s show.  First off, as requested by Jenny, we’ll hear Chicken Heart.  This version comes from a 1960’s record – not the original broadcast.  Also from that record, we’ll hear The Dark. Those episodes had originally aired in the 1930’s, and there doesn’t seem to be any recordings of the original shows.  Our third episode features Boris Karloff, and it’s titled The Dream.

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Our horror favorite this week is Murder In The Script Department by Lights Out.  This one aired May 11, 1943.

Don’t forget, you can send in your favorite to [email protected]  Please put “Horror Favorite” in the subject line to aid in proper sorting!

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Katrina wrote in and wanted to hear this story from Lights OutRevolt Of The Worms first aired October 13, 1942.  Thanks Katrina!

Send in your horror favorite to [email protected]  Please put “Horror Favorite” in the subject line to allow for proper sorting.

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