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Case Closed begins with Pat Novak For Hire this week.  We hear his story Marcia Halpern, which first aired February 27, 1949.  Then, we’ll hear The Case Of The Portrait In Red from Mystery Theater.  That story originally aired February 13, 1952.

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Pat Novak For Hire is up first on this week’s Case Closed.  We’ll hear the August 10, 1947, episode, The Mysterious Set Of Books.  After that, Hearthstone Of The Death Squad brings us The Terrifying Letter Murder Case, its story from January 10, 1952.

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The Adventures Of Philip Marlowe is up first on this episode of Case Closed.  We’ll hear The Headless Peacock, his story from July 16, 1949.  Then, Pat Novak, For Hire tells us of the John Brown Gambling Ring, his episode from August 3, 1947.

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