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This time on Case Closed, Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator takes us to Death’s Bargain Basement, an episode from August 10, 1954.  Then, it’s The Shayne Bombing Matter, from Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.  That story first aired July 14, 1953.

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Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator is up first on this week’s Case Closed.  From it we’ll hear a story from July 13, 1954, titled, Murder By Error.  After that, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar shares The Calgary Matter, his case from July 13, 1950.

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Case Closed begins with Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar this week.  We’ll hear his story from October 29, 1949, titled, The Little Man Who Wasn’t There.  Then, Richard Diamond, Private Detective shares Mr. Walker’s Problem, a story first heard March 28, 1952.

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