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Calling All Detectives opens this week’s Case Closed.  From it, we’ll hear The Necktie, a story first heard December 28, 1948.  Then, The Man From Homicide tells us of The Donald Schelbarger Murder.  That episode was broadcast July 7, 1951.

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The Adventures Of Philip Marlowe opens this week’s Case Closed.  We’ll hear The Angry Eagle, his story from April 18, 1950.  After that, it’s Crime Classics and The Alsop Family; How It Diminished And Grew Again, from August 24, 1953.

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Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator is up first on this week’s Case Closed.  We’ll hear Sucker Bait, his episode from June 9, 1955.  Then, it’s The City At Your Fingertips, a story from Night Beat that originally aired July 20, 1951.

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The Black Museum is up first on this edition of Case Closed.  From it we’ll hear The White Boxes, an episode that originally aired February 19, 1952.  After that, Rogue’s Gallery brings us its January 3, 1946 story, Murder At Minden.

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