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The New Adventures Of Nero Wolfe is up first on this week’s Case Closed.  We hear his story from November 17, 1950, The Case Of The Careless Cleaner.  Nick Carter, Master Detective follows with Records Of Death, an episode first heard January 22, 1944.

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This week on Case Closed, Richard Diamond, Private Detective is up first with his story, The Tom Waxman Bombing Case.  That episode aired June 26, 1949.  Then, we’ll hear The Dying Detective, an episode featuring Sherlock Holmes that aired in 1954.

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Case Closed begins with The Adventures Of Philip Marlowe this week.  We’ll hear The Soft Spot, his story from September 1, 1950.  Then, its Hay Is For Homicide, from Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator.  That episode aired August 31, 1954.

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