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We begin this week’s episode of Case Closed with The Adventures Of Ellery Queen and his story, The Adventure Of The Message In Red.  That one aired November 7, 1945.  Jeff Regan, Investigator follows with his case from August 28, 1948, The Man In The Door.

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We begin this week’s Case Closed with The Case Of The Supersonic Safecrackers, the December 6, 1947, episode from Gang Busters.  That’s followed by It’s A Crime Mr. Collins, with their story from March 25, 1957, The Green Stop Light.

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This week on Case Closed, we begin with The Big Scoop Matter from Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.  That episode aired November 11, 1956.  After that, we hear from Richard Diamond, Private Detective and his story The White Cow Case, a broadcast originally heard January 11, 1952.

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