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The Whistler opens this week’s Relic Radio Show with his story, The Accounting.  That episode was originally heard December 13, 1942.  After that, The Red Skelton Show shares the February 5, 1950, broadcast titled, A Day At The Races.

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An hour of adventure on this week’s Relic Radio Show.  First up is The Avenger, and his story, Death Meets The Ghost.  That one aired November 2, 1945.  That’s followed by The Green Hornet with his episode from November 14, 1942, titled, Torpedo On Wheels.

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Have Gun, Will Travel is up first on this week’s Relic Radio Show.  We’ll hear the February 8, 1959, broadcast, Killer’s Widow.  Obsession follows with their story titled, A Question Of Personality.  That episode originally aired December 11, 1950.

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