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This week’s Relic Radio Show begins with The NBC University Theater and their adaptation of, The Purloined Letter.  That story first aired September 17, 1948.  The Screen Directors Playhouse follows that with Trade Winds, their broadcast from May 29, 1949.

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The Radio City Playhouse opens this week’s Relic Radio Show.  From it we’ll hear Hit And Run, which first aired August 14, 1948.  Then, it’s The Scarlet Pimpernel from The Matinee Theater.  That episode originally aired November 19, 1944.

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The Silver Theater begins this week’s hour of radio drama on The Relic Radio Show.  From it we’ll hear, Murder Unlimited.  That one was broadcast March 9, 1941.  Then, it’s The Morrison Affair from Suspense.  That story was first heard September 2, 1948.

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