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Obsession begins our hour of old time radio this week.  We’ll hear Clinging Hate, which aired sometime in 1952.  Then it’s a quick Incredible But True and Pray For Me.  We finish off with a suggestion from Barry (of for an episode from Command Performance featuring Bob Hope and Bela Lugosi.  That show aired November 10, 1946.  Thanks Barry.

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Another hour of old time radio begins this week with That Strong Guy (yes, that’s the real title!) and an episode from 1955 titled Temple Of Horror.  Next up is Believe It Or Not and Two Lives.  We finish off this episode with Queen Of Diamonds from the Molle Mystery Theater (begins at 25:55).  That one first aired April 18, 1947.

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This week Favorite Story starts off our hour of radio drama.  We’ll hear their adaptation of the Wilkie Collins story The Moonstone, which first aired August 7, 1948.  Then it’s Incredible But True and Three Who Died.  Finally we’ll hear from The Avenger, and an episode titled High Tide Murders that first aired June 8, 1945 (begins at 31:23).

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Wait a minute.  Have you heard the strange tales of The Whistler?  You’ll hear one first on this week’s show.  From October 4, 1942 it’s The Urge To Kill.  Then it’s You Tell Me Your Dream from Incredible But True.  Orson Welles presents The Spotted Bedsheet on The Black Museum to close out today’s offering.  That show aired in 1952 (begins at 29:23).

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