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This week on The Relic Radio Show, we begin with Wanted! and their story from August 11, 1950 titled, Kenneth “Two-Gun Kinnie” Wagner.  After that, Now Hear This presents its story, No More Tomorrow.  That episode originally aired October 28, 1951.

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This week on The Relic Radio Show, the Sear’s Radio Theatre is up first with their story titled, The McGuffey Connection.  That episode originally aired March 2, 1979.  Then, Stand By For Adventure shares an episode from 1950 titled, The Swamp.

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This time on the Relic Radio Show, we begin with The Bell-Tower Of Bonnadonna from NBC Short Story.  That one aired sometime on 1951.  After that, Man Behind The Gun tells us of the Men Of The Royal Air Force, an episode from January 6, 1943.

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