The good news is that we have a reliable service for sending email notifications on new episode postings. It’s the one we always used.

The new service I tried, in anticipation of the old one no longer working, only worked once for me. And since the server changes I had to make did not affect the old service as I had anticipated (that I’ve noticed), we’re back to where we were.


If you unsubscribed to the old service you can subscribe again. The form is at the bottom of the page.

Should anything change I’ll update here again.


If you have signed up to be notified of new posts by email this change will affect you.

The service currently being used to send emails on new posts/podcast episodes to the website will be discontinued. That functionality is bundled into a larger service that will no longer be used in the “backend” of the Relic Radio website for reasons of performance and security.

I know 2,600 of you have signed up for those notifications, and I did find an alternative, but you will have to sign up to that service to receive notifications. There is no way for me to transfer your existing subscriptions, and even if there were, I don’t feel it would be my place to do so without your permission.

I will be shutting off the old service this Saturday, January 23.

Sorry for the inconvenience!