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On this episode of Case Closed, we begin with Alan Ladd in Box 13.  We’ll hear the May 15, 1949 episode titled, Daytime Nightmare.  Next is Vincent Price as The Saint.  From that series we’ll hear It’s Snow Use, an episode from October 29, 1950.

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The Zero Hour begins the show this week with their episode titled, A Favor You Can’t Refuse.  That one aired May 31, 1974.  Then, Believe It Or Not tells us of The Queen With A Short MemoryThe Saint closes out today’s program with his episode titled, The What-Not What Got Hot.  That episode first aired March 4, 1951.

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We’ve got more from Lucille Fletcher on Suspense this week to start things off.  From September 13, 1945 we’ll hear The Furnished Floor.  Then it’s Barren Ground from Incredible But True.  Vincent Price as The Saint will close things out with The Ghost Who Came To Dinner (aka Hawthorne House Mystery) from April 8, 1951.


It’s another hour of mystery this week on Case Closed.  We’ll begin with Jack Webb as Jeff Regan, Investigator and The Lost Lady from October 16, 1948.  Then after Ripley’s, it’s The Saint and Monkey Business from January 21, 1945.