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This week’s Case Closed begins its hour with Richard Diamond, Private Detective and his story, The Fred Sears Murder Case.  That one aired June 19, 1949.  After that, we’ll hear An Angle On Murder, the October 25, 1943 episode from Nick Carter, Master Detective.

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The FBI In Peace And War is up first on this week’s Case Closed.  We’ll hear their episode from September 8, 1954, Grave Error.  After that, we hear Zero Hour, the February 2, 1954, broadcast from Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator.

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The Adventures Of Philip Marlowe opens this week’s Case Closed with his story, The Covered Bridge.  That episode was originally broadcast January 14, 1950.  Then it’s Rogue’s Gallery with The Impossible Murder, his story from May 16, 1946.

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